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20 Years of KDE, 10 Years for me and KDE’s influence on my Life

July 27, 2016

As you probably know, KDE is preparing to celebrate its 20 years anniversary in October 2016. See how it all started:

Just recently I realised that I started contributing 10 years ago. Coming from fvwm2 I had just started using KDE shortly before. Contributing started for me with the German translation of an amaroK 1.4 release announcement with … room for improvement (Yes, Amarok was amaroK back then :)). I made some suggestions, the translation team’s coordinator from back then asked for more and I delivered.

Two years later I started contributing to KDEGames a bit, mainly in KShisen to get some practice in software development.

This has always been a leisure time activity for me and something that gave me a feeling of achievement when the “real world” did not have that ready for me.

Over the years there have been times where I did not find the time to contribute. Then, my only connection to KDE was me using it and my monthly donation. Eventually, though, I always found my way back to translating KDE and to KDEGames, two projects that are unfortunately constantly under-staffed.

But now, during the last few weeks KDE left a bigger imprint on my life.
My new job opportunity came from my KDE involvement (having connections is half the way) and the almost impossible undertaking of finding a flat in the city suddenly became easy for me when one of the landlords (a theoretical physicist) googled my name and found KDE contributions within the search results. Kind of awesome, isn’t it?

So thank you KDE, not only for a great desktop, a nice community and the opportunity to learn about technology and (through communicating with other contributors) about other cultures but also for my new job and my new flat.

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