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Japanese — Week Five

February 20, 2012


Learning Japanese. Week five.

Second rather lazy week in a row. Well, “lazy” is not the right word. Other stuff has been going on rather, which depleted most of my energy. But that’s private. :D

I have polished my Hiragana by reading, learned a few more Kanji and Katakana and listened to a Japanese radio station more. I love it when they just talk for a few hours. Highlights are if I understand a word here and there, but the way they are talking in some of the shows fascinates me beyond that. I hope the fascination does not degenerate once I understand a certain amount.

(Currently it seems to be Smooth Jazz hour, so it’s fine anyway. :))

Besides the image of me looking into my test book being a sparse sight this week, I nevertheless feel like I took one small step further on the “being serious” ladder. I started a vocabulary with all words I learned so far. Hand-written. In paper. Not sure why I did not do that earlier, but … now I did. :) Kana-only, means, no Romaji. Let’s see when I will be able to add some Kanji there. I might need a very fine pen for that.

In order to collect the vocabulary I redid the first few lessons of Rosetta Stone and the text book I use. I have to say that this gave me a little push in confidence. In general I am currently feeling intimidated by the amount of stuff I see in front of me. Looking back once in a while might be a good way to see what has already been accomplished.

In this spirit, I am starting into the next week. Katakana still being no. 1 priority, the vocabulary will be one of my main targets this time. Being able to read the “letters” does not mean a thing if they cannot be assigned to a meaning.


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