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Japanese — Week Four

February 13, 2012


Week four, of me learning Japanese, passed by. Fast. Too fast.

I read some articles about learning in general and started reading a book about learning Japanese.
Then I fell ill and was in bed for a few days. And now I am back at my desk working on the backlog of my time off.

I feel like I am currently in the Conscious Incompetence phase of learning.
According to the article this is the phase where most learners quit. And I certainly feel why.

Anki should have a module for the login manager. So that you have to finish your daily set of cards before you can log in. :D

The nice thing of the week was when I watched Three Days of the Condor (great movie!) and the guy wrote down a Kanji asking what it meant and I could actually answer that before the woman did. :D (For the record: it was the Chinese 天, which looks the same in Japanese :))

Ok, off for another week of Kanji, Rosetta clicking spree, listening to Japanese radio shows (and starting to love the musik there) and all the other little things I am trying to establish in my daily life. :)


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