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Japanese — Week Three

February 5, 2012


Week three of my Japanese learning attempt. So what happened?

– I was able to repeatedly form whole simple sentences with all the は and を at the right place while not reading it from a text book and with my last learning session having been hours ago. That felt pretty good. :)

– A new unit introduced new grammar. Now I am confused with sentence structure again. :D

– This clickery-doo of Rosetta is becoming a bit tiring. I have to force myself increasingly with every additional session to not click what I know is right and actually read the texts.

– Numbers are evil! Well, numbers seem fine but numbering is evil. Japanese has different words for counting depending on what you count. Seems like an awful lot of trouble for just counting stuff.

Hiragana are mostly fine now. I was a bit confused just today because “motte” is “もって” but “ikko” is “いっ” (I would have guessed “いっこ”). Or is Rosetta flawed?

– I started learning Kanji two days ago. Not sure if I am using Anki correctly, but the way I use it now is not enough yet. I want to train some Kanji several times a day but still have some postponed for a few days. But I only found a way to postpone by one day or not at all (immediate repetition). After a delay of one whole day, 20 new Kanji are added. That way I will have all 80 N5 Kanji there in two days with around 15 of them fluent enough to have them postponed for weeks. But I will have to use it more to judge it better. :)
I also have the feeling that just doing “flash card” learning is not enough for Kanji. Many have such a wide-spread meaning that it is hard to get the hang of them. On the other hand seem some Kanji closely related to other Kanji so it might be a good idea to see them in logical groups once in a while. But my text book exposes me to Katakana now, so…

– I have to start learning <a href=""Katakana. They occur in my learning material now and I cannot read them yet.

I am looking forward to another week. :)


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